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Solitaire has been partnering with SNMM since September 2020 and now serves as an inaugural board member.

ONE SPARROW Co-Founder and Executive Director, Solitaire Carroll, recognized as part of Loudoun County's 40 under 40, Loudoun 100, and Loudoun Young Professional of the Year finalist, is a strategic development consultant, government IT professional, speaker, activist, and youth leader in Loudoun County.


After several years of community activism and organizing in Loudoun and abroad, Solitaire established One Sparrow with her husband to help provide better access to education and resources which in turn provide hope, empowerment, and a sustainable future​. One Sparrow understands the importance of community partnerships that share knowledge, resources, strengths, passion, and encouragement with families who are left feeling distraught and alone in the midst of hardship.


Since 2013, One Sparrow has been successful in raising awareness locally, donating funds for durable medical equipment, basic medicine, education, and educational enrichment programming for hundreds of children whose families lack the resources. Raising over $250,000 through a grassroots, movement, leveraging over 250 volunteers over the last 8 years, and impacting over 5,000 lives, One Sparrow has spearheaded and supported projects in Loudoun and Fairfax County, India, Guatemala, St Lucia, and Haiti.



Gift is an an Account Executive for the CDR Fundraising Group, Gift spends her days communicating with clients and her internal teams to raise funds for organizations that make the world a better place. With a talent for building relationships based on trust,


Gift is a Loudoun County Chamber Board of Directors member, was honored as part of the Loudoun100 2021 Class of Honorees. Loudoun100 recognizes the contributions of 100 people who are making a positive impact and serving the Loudon community through philanthropy and volunteering.


Gift has been partnering with the SNMM since September 2019 and now serves as an inaugural board member.

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