Combination of Handmade Specialty Chocolates & Hard Candies

10 count box and 7-10 delivery included

My Edible Side

Sip and Shot Us

Made from secret recipes, these sweet and savory, with a twist, edible glasses are as unique as you are.

Sip and Shot Us LLC was originally started as a therapeutic outlet. Matching colors and patterns based on moods became a way of unleashing life's experiences. Our Sip & Shot Gourmet Glasses are a true work of art. Each glass is hand-crafted and made using the finest ingredients. 

Our recipes and processes are a closely guarded trade-secret. Our artisans spend hours creating these beautifully designed glasses that will enhance the flavor of any beverage, dessert or food item.The artisans create and perfect each ingredient, temperature and process to bring you unique flavors unlike anything else you have ever experienced. Use our gourmet glasses to showcase your favorite cocktail, espresso shot, tea, fruit, ice cream, mousse or any beverage or food item you can imagine! 

For the Sweet and Tangy lovers. Enjoy lemon, apple, berry, orange and more.

Chocolate foodies this is for you. A combination of light mocha and dark chocolates.

The newest way to chill your favorite beverage. Freeze and use!

Perfect for celebrations or employees appreciations.