Of nearly five hundred thousand residents, Lisa is Loudoun County's 2022 volunteer of the year.


Lisa Jones an army veteran and passionate community committed activist path has been split between the two worlds, domestic violence change and arts activism for over twenty years.


Lisa is an army veteran and the founder of Sip and Shot Us who prefers to work behind the scenes all while quietly sponsoring and producing fundraisers for selected non profits.

The journey of becoming an avid supporter of both domestic violence victims and their support systems as well as community programs geared towards youth development, has created a determination to help raise awareness through various community seminars and to recognize the importance of volunteering.

From various entertainers, athletes to corporations Lisa has developed national relationships

Self taught artist who has created such collections as Wood Illusion, Life and Shattered Glass Collection is widely recognized for her unique ability to capture emotions through her art. She is innovative with her use of materials and ability to manipulate light, shadow, and space to create the illusory effect of her artwork lifting off the canvas, glass, or wood.
Lisa has had the privilege of opening for icons such as Stevie Wonder and her art is currently being featured in various universities and celebrity homes however, she remains most humbled from being Commissioned by the Pentagon to produce a commemorative piece called "Honor 911" in honor of those who lost their lives in the 9/11 tragedy.


2022 Loudoun County Virginia Volunteer of the Year

2022 Silence No More Movement & Women Giving Back P7 Fundraiser

2022 Silence No More Project

2022 INMED DMV Youth Art Project

2022 Silence No More Movement Ceremony

2022 Annual Powerful7 Fashion Show Fundraiser

2021 Silence No More Movement Ceremony

2021 Powerful7 Fashion Show Experience Fundraiser

2020 Loudoun County Arts Advisory Committee

2020 One Sparrow Fundraiser 

2021 INMED Youth Artists AAC Exhibit

2019 Washington Football Team Art Fundraiser

2018 LOUDOUN 100 Honoree

2018 Becky’s Be Your Own Heroine Fundraiser 

2017 Washington Football Team Art Fundraiser

2017 Washington National Park-Fans Project

2016 The Missing Piece Diversity Forum

2015 RFK Human Rights Organization Morale Builder

2014 Men of Code Fundraiser

2014 Article 911 Fashion Show Fundraiser

2014 Key Project Fundraiser

2014 RFK Human Rights Organization Team Builder

2013-2014 Ballou High School Art Silence No More Project

2012 DC Beautification Project

2011 Maya Angelou Public Charter School Silence No More Project

2010 Beyond Words Fashion Show Fundraiser

2010 Lollipop Kids Fundraiser  Design Center

2010 Friendship Collegiate Academy Youth Silence No More Project

2010 Duke Ellington  School of the Art Project

2009 Morgan Stanley DC Art Expo Fundraiser

2009 Walter Johnson High School Silence No More Project

2008 Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fundraiser

2008 SOHO Transformation Exhibit

2007 Habitat and Humanity Fundraiser

2006 Howard University Scholarship Fundraiser

2005-2006 Silverstarr DC & Charter High School Art Competition

2005 DC Martin Luther King Memorial Project Fundraiser

2004 A Better Chance NY Fundraiser

2004 Greater Washington Area Chapter Women Bar Association Fundraiser

2003 CA Solo Take Wings Foundation Fundraiser

wvsarts Fundraiser

Ithemba Taste of South Africa Fundraiser

She would never tell you, so I'm going to. Last night Lisa Jones was my nominee for the Chair's Volunteer of the Year Award. I was honored to nominate this force of nature, this quiet storm, this caring woman.  Lisa Jones, we're all stronger because of you.

-Chair Phyllis J. Randall