has had the mission of giving a voice to the unheard for as long as she can remember with the mindset of utilizing art as a medium to engage, educate and more importantly promote self expressionism.

Since arriving in the DMV, Lisa has immersed herself in creating purposeful art and fostering community through artist collectives and movements that use art to effect positive change in our youth. "My art drew me towards troubled youth issues. "Someone can go further than they thought they would because someone else told them they could" Lisa says. 

In 2006, Lisa Jones produced and sponsored the Silver Star School Arts Competition grades 9th - 12th, an innovative program that provided educational seminars, showcased artworks, involved parents and professional artists partnered with DC public and charter schools so that young children had the chance to develop more fully as knowledgeable artists.

In 2008 sponsored the 3 day Washington DC Convention Center International fine arts expo featuring more than 100 artists from allover the world and benefiting several youth art platforms. For continued philanthropic endeavors Lisa was awarded the Howard University Office of Director Armour J. Blackburn University Center "Support of the Arts and Youth" Award.

The passion continues as she advocates and showcases artists 13 -24 years old from a range of artistic disciplines, to connect, create, and celebrate.